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Why a Relationship Coach?

Relationships are tricky. Period. Whether you're single or married, twenty or sixty, introverted or extroverted, there is tremendous value in having an outside perspective. Most of us go through life doing the best we know how, but are unaware of how our core beliefs, learned behaviors, outside influences, and social pressures impact our day-to-day. 


How do you approach someone you're interested in? How do you know if he's into you? What should you do on your first, second, third dates? How do you break up with someone?


Marriage is wonderful. It also takes work. Can you and your spouse manage conflict better? How do you know what's 'your stuff' and what's 'their stuff?' How do you create deeper intimacy? How do you have more meaningful conversations?


It's not what you know, it's who you know. It's also how *well* you know those people, and how they feel around you. How do you make your point heard? How do you manage conflict? How do you give feedback without sounding like a jerk?


Social settings can be tricky. How do you get better at carrying a conversation? How do you broaden your social circle? How do you identify and deal with unhealthy friendships? How do you help a friend who is struggling?


How do you get your teenager to listen to you? How do you set healthy boundaries within your family? How do you make time for self-care? How can you better manage your workload and expectations?


What can you do to connect better with others? What beliefs, habits, or narratives might you have that are holding you back? How do you develop greater charisma? How can you attract healthier relationships?

Curious? Let's Chat.

Let's hop on a call. It's completely free and comes with zero sales pressure. We'll see where you're at and how I can help. If you like what I offer, we'll work at your pace.

How Does it Work?

Sessions are held via video chat or phone (whichever is easiest for you), and can be as frequent, or as infrequent, as you’d like. Our work will be customized to your specific situation, while holding true to my core tenets of personal responsibility, integrity, strength, and self-love.

Video Coaching Call

What Does it Cost?

I keep it simple. No packages, no long-term commitments, and no manipulative sales tactics.
$ 0 /Discovery Call
  • 20-Minute Discovery Call
  • Video Chat or Phone Call
  • Zero Sales Pressure
$ 150 /Session
  • 1 Hour of Personal Coaching
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Video Chat or Phone Call

Please Note:
By scheduling a discovery or coaching call, you acknowledge that Michael is not a licensed therapist, counselor, social worker, psychologist, or health care professional, and you acknowledge that his coaching does not serve as a replacement for these or other psychological or healthcare services.

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