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"Simple & Life-Changing"

The Amazon #1 Bestseller—Over 8,500 Reviews

What if making one tweak to your day-to-day conversations could immediately improve every relationship in your life? Discover the surprising power of emotional validation, including its power to defuse tension, resolve arguments, strengthen connection, deepen your trust, and make you an all-around more likeable human being.

"Simple & Life-Changing"

The Amazon #1 Bestseller
I Hear You Hardcover Book
"I heard Michael's interview on the Art of Charm podcast and, without even reading the book, tried validating my girlfriend the next time we spoke on the phone. It was one of the best conversations we'd had in a long time. I downloaded the audiobook . . . and now feel like I finally know the trick to connecting with others and having great conversations.
Angeles J.

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Work vs. Dreams vs. Relationships

I have an insatiable drive to create. My mind sees new opportunities all around me—to solve problems, to build new and exciting things, and to make progress toward my goals each and every day. It’s what fuels, motivates, and excites me.  It’s what drove me to put in the hard

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When Validation is *Not* the Answer

If you’ve ready my other content, you know how passionate I am about emotional validation. But you also may have wondered to yourself, “is there ever a time when validation isn’t the answer?” In all my years of research on the topic, I’ve only found one instance where validation can do more harm than good.

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How to Validate Someone: The Four-Step Method

While the concept of validation is relatively simple, knowing how to effectively implement it in your day-to-day can be a bit more difficult. The Four-Step Validation Method is a tried-and-true approach to giving validation and feedback in nearly any situation. I reverse-engineered it from thousands of successful validation experiences and boiled it down to four basic steps. Each step is accompanied by several key principles that provide additional insight and direction.

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