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E23: Emotional Junk Food: How We’re Overfed & Undernourished

For today’s episode, I’m going to take a sort of “eat this, not that” approach. I want to talk about five categories of emotional junk food and five “real food” alternatives to each. It’s not enough to just stop consuming so much of the junk. We, of course, need to replace it with what our minds, bodies and spirits are actually needing. If we want to have greater emotional health, strength and connection.

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E22: Developing True Emotional Strength

Today’s episode of the I Hear You Podcast is going to be a bit shorter. And that’s not because the subject matter is any less important, it’s simply because the subject matter doesn’t require 30-45 minutes to discuss. And I’m all about keeping things short, sweet, and to the point. It’s one of the main things people appreciate about my books, and it’s what I hear many of you appreciate about this podcast series.

Today we’re talking about developing emotional health and strength, which is something we’ve technically been talking about on every episode of this show. But today I want to talk at a bit of a higher level, speaking specifically to how true, lasting power and connection is a two-step method. It’s not quite as simple as just learning new truth and applying it—it requires a little extra work in TWO KEY AREAS to have lasting, meaningful change.

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E21: Faulty Core Beliefs

Today we’re going deep. We’re talking about what psychologists and therapists refer to as false or faulty core beliefs. Faulty core beliefs are, well, exactly what they sound like. Beliefs we hold deep down inside ourselves at our core that are false. They are thoughts we believe about ourselves at the deepest level. Often thoughts we’re too afraid to allow ourselves to consciously think about because they’re often deeply painful. And we’re talking about these today because they are often the underlying cause of much of our emotional pain. And they often influence our actions in our work, in our parenting, in our romantic relationships and much more.

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E20: Boundaries 201

Today’s episode is a continuation of an earlier episode on the same topic: Boundaries. If you haven’t yet listened to that episode, I strongly recommend you pause here and go back and listen to that one first. Because today’s discussion builds on concepts from that episode.

In today’s episode, we dive deeper into the concept of boundaries, and address the following questions:

– How do I know when I need to set a boundary?
– But what if their actions affect ME?
– I have a hard time enforcing or holding to my boundaries. What can I do if my codependency takes over?
– Are there times when it’s appropriate to set boundaries with ourselves?
-What if I don’t have a good explanation for enforcing my boundary? What if the person keeps finding issues with my explanation?

And more.

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E19: The Compound Effect

While we typically focus in on relationships and how to change our thinking and actions there, today we’re taking a break from that, at least in part because while today’s episode doesn’t relate directly to relationships, it absolutely has an impact on them. And the reason that I’m talking about it today, is that it has an impact on your productivity as a human being. It has an impact on your dreams and on your passions and on your physical health, on your financial health and your financial stability. With really every element of your life, if you want to improve, if you want to be better, today’s principal, the compound effect is one of the best ways to achieve that.

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E18: Comparison: You Do You

Today, we’re talking about comparison, a sneaky little devil that seems harmless enough on the surface, but is often the underlying cause of shame, discouragement, playing small, dragging other people down or simply not living the powerful, productive, connected life we’re all capable of. Now, if you truly don’t care about what other people think of you and you live your life free of shame and fear or feelings of not being good enough, then you can skip this episode. For the rest of you, stick around. I think you’ll find today’s episode inspiring.

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E17: Truth vs. Distortion

Today we discuss a topic that’s absolutely essential to understand if you want to live a powerful, connected and joy filled life. Now, I know it sounds like I say that on just about every principle that I talk about on here, and that’s all true, because there’s more than just one thing you have to understand to live a powerful, connected life, there’s a lot of things at play here. We all go through life facing hundreds of little situations, thoughts, struggles and opportunities each and every day. Our brain does a fantastic job of automating many of the more mundane task, things like driving to work each morning, brushing our teeth, taking care of tasks, etc. because it frees us up to focus our energy on more difficult items, and that’s fantastic, I appreciate that. This can get us into trouble, however, when we develop harmful habits and / or are looking at life through distorted lenses. Unfortunately we all have at least some level of distorted thinking in our minds.

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E16: Self-Care: Putting Your Own Oxygen Mask on First

Today we’re addressing head-on a harmful, 100% false belief that many of us carry throughout our day-to-day lives. And that’s the belief that other people’s happiness, comfort, energy, whatever, is more important than ours. It’s the belief that being a good parent, a good spouse or a good employee means driving ourselves into the ground for the sake of the greater good.

The truth is, if you love others, if you want your family to be healthy and happy, if you want to have a successful career and have lasting joy in it, you must put yourself first. And today, we’re going to talk about why.

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E15: Validation 201: Honing Your Skill

Today, we’ll dive into five additional insights and tips that I don’t cover in my book that will help you take your validation game to the next level. And what that ultimately means, of course, is that you’ll feel better equipped to support others, you’ll develop deeper and more satisfying relationships and you’ll be more confident dealing with conflict in the workplace, in your marriage than really in any other relationship in your life. Let’s dive in.
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E14: How to Deal With Constant Complainers

Today we’re addressing a question I’ve received from a handful of readers and listeners: “How do I handle certain relationships where I feel like the other person is constantly complaining?”

The question most often comes up when talking about validation, because we often feel like validation only encourages the complaining and ends up draining our energy, connection and happiness.

So today we’ll address these concerns head on, because I can tell you right now that the solution is actually quite simple and we’ll give you actionable tools and sample dialog even to help you effectively validate and support these people in your life without enabling them or sacrificing your own happiness. Let’s dive in.

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